A note on the weddings (28/09/2018)… 

In the dozen or so years that I’ve been photographing weddings, I’ve realised that quite often I’ve gone above and beyond the amount of work, and put in far more time on the post production of photos, than maybe realistically and sensibly (from a business perspective) than I need to. I’ll find myself doing an additional few week’s work, because I’ll feel it’s a shame to leave out certain photos from the final selection that I feel merit being included, both in order to fully tell the story of the day, and because I don’t want the couple not to end up receiving them.
The amount of photos currently in the three full-day options I’ve found can easily be expanded, without detracting from the overall quality of those handed over.
For these reasons, as of 2019, I’ll be introducing “The Full Story” option. Working towards a total of around 400 images – over 40% more than the highest option in 2018 (minimum of 280) – will enable me to include those photos that I either reluctantly leave out, or end up including anyway (impacting on the amount of time and effort that I’ll put in, after the day of the wedding).
Of course, it’ll have to mean that there’s a higher charge for this service… as when equated to an hourly rate, current prices are already crazily low. I still feel though, that it offers extremely good value in this aspect. Please note, in the very unlikely occurrence that I feel 400 images in any way detracts from the overall selection, and that maybe some are unnecessary “fillers”, then I will happily refund the difference in price, bringing things back down to the current top option, in terms of number of photos and the cost.
Details regarding the costs for 2019 can be found on the Prices page, located under the Info menu… or simply by clicking here… Prices.




Starting out with a favour for a friend, then a wedding present for my sister, I’ve gone on to experience photographing a range of weddings over the last decade, from smaller civic ceremonies to those in large churches. I’ve adopted the photojournalism / fly-on-the-wall style of wedding photography, as I feel this adds a more personal touch and captures the genuine story and emotions of the entire day.

A friendly and relaxed approach provides the couple and their guests with minimal interruption to their day, and allows myself to look for those special hidden moments that would ordinarily be lost with the traditional posed style of wedding photography. Of course, should the couple require any group photographs, these can easily be incorporated. As the galleries show, these too are generally of an informal nature.

I offer full-day coverage, which would typically include the following:

Morning preparations. The Ceremony. Group photographs. Drinks, chats & guests. Meal. Speeches. Evening party.

As well as the time on the day, the service includes image post-processing time after the event, and a USB memory stick (plus back-up DVD’s) containing:

– the original-sized high resolution images (for printing purposes)

– small resized 1200×800 pixel versions of all images (for emailing, facebook, etc)

Joint copyright of all images applies, whereby…

– the couple are supplied with Hi-Res copies of the image files, allowing them to be free to use and print as many copies of the photographs as they desire.

– I retain the rights to use any of the images personally (on this website for example).

The cost of the packages offered are primarily based on the number of images supplied (starting at 100 images). However I am flexible to work around the couple’s requirements and budget.

Please click here to take you to the pricing guide.

Prices are subject to additional costs for travel (if outside of Greater Manchester) and accommodation if necessary. Discounts are available if I know you, or you’re a friend of a friend.

For further details on the cost options, to ask any questions, or to check on availability please email me on