Model References

I worked with John for the first time on my way back down from Scotland.

The communication was great before, during and after the shoot. We worked outdoors, mainly on soft natural light portraits.

John is a very friendly and respectful guy with a cute Northern accent Wink In spite of a little yet rather stressful personal disaster that happened to him right after our shoot, he was being a total gent and drove me all the way to Preston where I had my next shoot that evening and waited with me there until the other photographer arrived.

I’m glad that at least his camera survived that day safe and sound as we’ve produced some lovely images that John sent me very quickly too!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to any model and will be happy to work with him again next time I go “oop North”!

Lorelai  (shoot date: 26/04/2018)


I had a great shoot with John last week, he collected me and dropped me back off at the place I was staying after the shoot. We shot some lifestyle and lingerie images at his sisters lovely home, and also did some outdoor portraits around the grounds outside there. I would recommend him without hesitation to others, I felt safe at at ease and respected throughout the shoot. The images I’ve seen are fabulous and definitely portfolio worthy – If you get the chance to shoot with John you definitely should! He has a nice style of photography and was extremely chatty and easy going to work with.

Mischkah  (shoot date: 24/01/2017)


I had a fabulous shoot with John yesterday. We got on like old friends catching up.

Sat, drank tea, broke the ice and put the world to rights before braving the cold.

We went on location to the Canal. Other than nearly being pushed in the canal by a Dog, barking at a Swan behind me, it went “Swimmingly” haha Big smile

John is a genuine, friendly, Professional Photographer who has a good eye and knows how to use a location to work with the image.

John also gives great direction to get the best angles and light.

Really enjoyed working with John and I am looking forward to our next in the warmer months.

If you get the chance to work with this guy, go for it. You wont be disappointed.

Highly recommended by me with 5 stars.

Wendy  (shoot date: 22/01/2017)


I spotted John when I first started here and have been admiring his work since, I would call him an artist. His work is beautiful, soft and enhanced my femininity, even when I’m giving attitude to the lens. I think it’s beautiful that a man’s work can be so delicate. Just from looking at the back of the camera I felt that his eye for colour, shapes and light truly aerated the images we created.

I’m not sure if it’s fair to say we have favourites but this guy is at the top for sure, I knew we were establishing a creative bond and I am certain this will come out in the pictures. . Thank you for collaborating with me!

oo and he took me to maccys to pick up dinner ensured I was fed and kept me on an update on travels to ensure I was safe – kind natured and his music taste is cool!

Amy  (shoot date: 15/09/2016)


After years of lusting over John’s pictures the day finally arrived where we got to shoot together!

He is a lovely guy, very laid back and easy to get along with. He has a great eye for the perfect picture and is not afraid to get messy or pull a few poses himself to get the perfect shot!

He was full of creative ideas and the images so far look amazing, can’t wait to see the rest!

I would definitely recommend working with him if you get the chance, you will fully enjoy his company and certainly get some fab images back too!

Ellie  (shoot date: 18/07/2016)


Have had the pleasure of working with John on quite a few occasions now! Every time is such a lot of fun! John is friendly, lovely and totally chilled. He is sooo creative and sees beyond the obvious in every shot. He is very experimental and it’s fab to work with someone who is looking at every single element of the image, he really is a true artist and creative. I always love the styles and images that we shoot. The pics I have seen from our shoot are amazing, as always. I cannot recommend John highly enough as an amazing and fun photographer and a brilliant creative genius!

Also professional, respectful and completely trustworthy!

Thanks for being a superstar.

Zara  (shoot dates: 07/07/2014, 05/09/2014, 05/01/2015, 04/01/2016)


Had a really fun shoot with John today in the lovely park near my house. We wandered around taking time to be inspired by our surroundings including the trees, old buildings, gates and doors – John has a very creative mind and lots of ideas. He also gives clear direction and is a good laugh and great company too. Definitely recommend working with him.

Naomi  (shoot date: 22/11/2015)


Had a great day’s shooting with John near Manchester, he was good company and professional to work with, and he is super fast on delivering the edits! I love his work and he did an awesome job on the photos, thank you so much! My only reservation was that the day went by far too quickly, which means a round 2 will be in order at some stage before the year is out! Highly recommended on talent and personality.

Vanessa  (shoot date: 03/08/2015)


Had my first shoot with John on Saturday and very much enjoyed it. In the run up we had a bit of a discussion about the style we wanted to go for and exchanged a few ideas.

On the day we went to an awesome location that John knows and a had a nice wander around a few different areas so we could get a range of shots. John had loads of ideas and one thing you can be sure of is that he’ll definitely put the effort in to get the perfect shot! The results I’ve seen so far have been beautiful, as is all of John’s work.

I had a great time in the few hours we were shooting and would happily recommend him to anyone.

Harley  (shoot date: 23/06/2015)


From our second shoot together, I can say with confidence that John is a grand photographer to work with. He is professional and willing to get a good shot, regardless of sometimes ending up waist deep in water to do so! John is very easy to work with and not only are his shoots fun and comfortable, but I have found that his direction is very helpful. The quality of shots produced post-shoots are also of great quality and I would continue to recommend him for further projects and work.

Hannah  (shoot date: 11/05/2015)


I had my first ever shoot last Saturday with John (I am totally and completely new to modelling). I am sooo glad John was the first person I collaborated with! He made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease, he is great company and very easy to get along with. John gave me some great advice and direction and we have continued to keep in touch.

We are still reviewing the photographs we gained from the shoot, and I have to say John is an amazing photographer and I am very pleased with what we came up with.

I would work with John again in a heartbeat! …In fact we already have our next shoot together booked! Very excited to work with him again!

Jade  (shoot date: 18/10/2014)


I had a most thoroughly enjoyable shoot with John which I considered to be a true collaboration where my input was also actively encouraged. John, whom I found to be personable, respectful and utterly professional in his approach, also happens to be a very talented photographer, who is passionate and meticulous when it comes to his craft both artistically and in terms of the technical aspects (both in camera and post processing). Going by the back of the camera and the first edits I have just seen there was some awesome captures that day. I certainly would not hesitate to work with John again or recommend him highly to others.

Aurelia  (shoot date: 06/09/2014)


John is a fantastic photographer and person. He has a keen eye for detail and is quick setting up. John and myself have wanted to work together for a very long time, and finally we have done it! I was very impressed by John and he made me laugh all throughout the shoot.

Not only is he an excellent photographer but also an excellent sport; his humour is top notch and I loved spending time with him. We got some classic images that were all on location in the beautiful National Trust location in Manchester.

John is very trustworthy and reliable. I would recommend him to any model. He’s is a darling.

Thank you John! I hope to work with you again soon.

Beffy  (shoot date: 18/08/2014)


I had the absolute pleasure of working with John on a last minute shoot! Due to a cancellation, John came in and saved the day!

John and I arranged a quick last minute shoot together in his area, we went to a beautiful natural trust area and played in the forest and fields for a couple of hours.

John was friendly, kind and professional and I would recommend working with him in a heart beat, and I do hope we work together again later on in the year!

Katie  (shoot date: 23/08/2014)


I had a great shoot with John out and about in Manchester.

He is funny , relaxed, kind and really easy to get on with, was an absolute pleasure. The time flew by, John is a star and a super cool person to spend time with.

I liked what we shot and the way he shoots, the images I have seen are superb also! He has a great eye and is very talented and too modest!

I would definitely recommend John a genuine trustworthy man. Looking forward to next time.

Zara  (shoot dates: 07/07/2014. 06/09/2014, 05/01/2015)


Had a brilliant shoot with John a few weeks back. Great pre shoot communication. This was my first shoot with him and it went really well. We got some great images and even my first FPI! I would definitely recommend him and work with him again. Thanks John

Jasmine  (shoot date: 17/06/2014)


First shoot with such an awesome photographer and can’t wait to shoot again! John made me feel totally at ease and is a barrel of laughs. We may have been eaten by zombie flies together but that didn’t stop us having an awesome time. Can’t wait to see how the images turn out!

Thanks again John, see you soon.

Beth  (shoot dates: 26/06/2014, 22/07/2014, 28/07/2014, 28/08/2014)


What a lovely chilled out shoot. As it was my first shoot I will admit I was slightly nervous when the date came dawning of our shoot, but John made me feel totally at ease before, during and after the shoot.

He’s such a genuinely nice person. If you’re looking for natural shoots with a lot of nature, John is your guy.

Thank you for a great experience and hope to work with you again in the future.

Chloe  (shoot date: 06/06/2014)


Fantastic to work with and certainly a joy to be in his company,

Light and relaxed, making it comfortable to work within the same environment. Excellent work also produced by him. The shoot involved a couple shoot with me and my boyfriend. Myself have had previous experience in photo shoots, but for my boyfriend it was his first time, and I must say John was perfect for his first involved shoot, as he felt comfortable and John helped within giving us both supportive advice as well as certain techniques.

Pleasure to work with and highly recommend him.

Annabella  (shoot dates: 24/05/2014, 30/08/2014, 06/04/2015)


John answered a last min casting call & even though other model pulled out & my partner stepped in at last min which had lead to some very nice work & final images.

I would more than recommend John. He’s on time, polite & produces amazing work would work with him over & over again in future.

Sarah-Jane  (shoot date: 18/05/2014)


I had the pleasure of working with John after admiring his photography from afar for ages- we had a short but sweet shoot and the images I’ve seen are brilliant! John is such a nice person and put me completely at ease. It’ll be great to keep working together in the future.

Rachel  (shoot date: 28/04/2014)


I had fantastic time working with John at home shoot at my place yesterday!

The shoot was arranged perfect, well in advance, and with flexible times adapting to my busy schedule. John was on time, well organized, with clear and creative ideas, great communication, respectful to model at all the times and he was so easy and pleasant to work with. John has professional attitude and a lovely personality to match, which makes the shooting time so enjoyable!

Highly recommended to all models to work with and hope so to shoot together some time in the future again!

Tina  (shoot date: 04/04/2014)


I worked with John at my home on Friday. He is a complete pleasure to work with. Great pre/post coms. He was friendly, chatty and professional. The time just went so fast with us chatting and shooting. We did a range of genres/styles. Would work with John again and would highly recommend.

Vicky  (shoot dates: 21/03/2014, 03/07/2014)


An absolute delight to work with, very professional and makes you feel relaxed. Love johns style of images. Look forward to doing more work in the future with him.

Kimi  (shoot date: 15/02/2014)


John booked me to shoot last Monday on location in Knutsford.

We had been planning to shoot for quite ahwhile so I was exited when everything finally came together. The shoot itself went really well John is very professional and friendly and I’d recommend him to anyone. Everything was very relaxed and cups of tea were provided.

Plus the photos Ive had back so far have been fantastic. I hope we can shoot again when the weather picks up so watch this space!

Bex  (shoot dates: 17/02/2014, 12/01/2017)


I’m not entirely sure what to put here as I havent written many references, so I’ll just say it was an absolute pleasure to work with John, he is super easy to get on with and has some really fantastic and innovative ideas of how to shoot a look. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future

Jennifer  (shoot date: 08/02/2014)


Mr Banks….Hes a cool dude with talent and flare and personality to match. Cant wait to work with him again! Highly recommended.

Beckie  (shoot date: 16/11/2013)


Thoroughly enjoyed working with John today. He is very easy to get along with and chat to with a good sense of humour. So therefore shooting with him was a pleasure and conversation flowed easily throughout the day.

We had a peaceful walk around Bradgate park and found some of the best spots to shoot at. It was a little chilly, but this did not put me off trying to get a variety of shots in the different backgrounds.

John was patient and polite, great at giving direction… not a bad word I can say. A couple of images have already been put up from today’s shoot and I am so pleased with them!

Thank you for a wicked shoot John and I hope we work together again!

Robyn  (shoot dates: 20/01/2014, 26/09/2014, 27/07/2015, 26/01/2016)


I worked with John for the third time today, slightly different indoor setting to what we usually use however as usual he was helpful, creative and a pleasure to work with.

Highly recommended and I feel very privileged to be chosen by him for certain projects.

John is my favourite photographer to work with, easily.

He always lets me run with my own ideas as well as providing his own, I always look forward to our shoots because they always result in beautiful pictures.

Samii  (shoot dates: 16/02/2013, 10/05/2013, 06/09/2013, 25/09/2013, 28/10/2013, 19/12/2013, 24/02/2014, 17/07/2014, 08/08/2014… )


Shot with John last weekend and he was great!

We had a good natter the entire time and still managed to get some work done. I’m really pleased with the images I’ve had back so far and look forward to seeing more!

Would definitely work with again, and would happily recommend.

Alex  (shoot dates: 27/07/2013, 17/11/2013, 01/06/2014, 24/08/2014, 28/09/2014)


John is a fantastic photographer, I have worked with him twice now, as well as communicated in between by use of social media. I therefore can happily say he is a great guy, funny and relaxed, pre comm is always great and he works hard to produce excellent shots.

I will certainly be worked with John again in the near future. I would highly recommend him to any model wanting a creative, fun and productive shoot.

Krystie  (shoot dates: 17/02/2013, 07/04/2013)


Well what can I say about John! Only that if you can work with him then do! He’s a lovely, lovely person and so easy to work with. He made it really easy for me by organising accomodation and so on, so all I had to do was sort out my travel, and communication was clear before and throughout the shoot. Images were processed really quickly (I even got some the night I got home!) and we managed to get an FPI from our time together-all in all a great success.

Definitely recommended.

Violetta  (shoot date: 06/05/2013)


John is a great photographer and very easy to work with. The shoot we did was out at Bradgate Park and even though it was a pretty cold day I really enjoyed the shoot and his company. We managed to get some lovely and unusal shots using the wind and light. He also let me see the pictures as we were going along to see how they were turning out.

He made me feel very comfortable and we had lots to talk about, which always helps, sometimes photographers don’t speak and that is very awkward, but he is so easy to get along with.

Looking forward to our next shoot and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Frances  (shoot date: 02/02/13)